Snapshot Aachen


The second workshop took place in October 2019 in Aachen.


The professional photographer and artist 007-0815-styler and videographer Greezy taught the young participants the basic skills of photography and filmmaking.


During the course of the workshops the attendees discovered and explored the urban environment and the street art in the city of Aachen. The artists and mentors developed a splendid connection with the young people and had a lot of fun developing their camera skills.


The workshop inspired new friendship and an abundance of creativity through exploring the subcultures and the city. Moreover the organising parties and participants got to know each other better and gained new insights of the differences and common grounds.


The pictures and the film developed from this workshop were displayed during an exhibition in 2019 and will be seen in display windows in the cities of Aachen and Heerlen in 2020.

Photography & Video