Snapshot Heerlen


The third workshop took place in January 2020 in Heerlen. The professional photographer Tijmen Ballieux (NL) and videographer Greezy (D) helped the participants to develop their camera skills and gain knowledge about digital photography, filming and editing.


During the several days the participants explored the urban environment of the city and the wide range of the subculture graffiti and street art in Heerlen. They were also able to make an artwork together with spraycan and documenting this process by camera. Making a collaborative piece of art and learning how to use your camera catching the beauty of the process and the end result, created a bond between the young participants.


The participants documented and got to know the different sides of the urban culture of the city Heerlen and founded new connections to like minded people interested in photography and filming.


The artworks made during this workshop will be exhibited online and in different display windows in Heerlen and Aachen in 2020.

Photography & Video