Snapshot The Notorious IBE


The first workshop took place in August 2019 in Heerlen during the breakdance festival “The Notorious IBE”. The Notorious IBE is a festival is dedicated to the hip hop dance culture wherein you can experience urban lifestyle (hip hop) music, dance, art, fashion and cultural programs.


During the days of the workshops, the participants learned about photography and video making from the renowned photographer “Little Shao” and the professional videographer Till Braun.


Adventure, experience of the international atmosphere of this festival and development of their camera skills were the key ingredients of the days spent together. The participants got to know the city of Heerlen better and got up close and personal with our urban culture presented during The Notorious IBE.


The results of the first workshop were lots of photographs and a video made by the young people with the help of their teachers. Furthermore newfound friendships and insights of the neighbouring countries and the arts were made. A selection of the pictures and the video are displayed online and during exhibitions in 2019 and 2020.

Photography & Video